I grew up fascinated by my grandmother´s extensive jewelry collection: Egyptian ornaments, roman rings, ethnic cuffs, Art Deco necklaces, contemporary pieces …

All these delicate objects, linked to beauty, aesthetics and culture, have awakened in me a particular curiosity for jewelry, constantly fueled by a cosmopolitan way of life and a profound interest in crafts, design, Art, and, of course, the men and women who make creation in any form possible.

I started taking jewelry classes in 2006, as soon as I arrived in Mexico. I had the intuition this was a lively place and rich in diversity; it did not disappoint. My hopes were more than fulfilled. I discovered a dynamic and very stimulating universe.

After studying Political Science and working in the film industry: never would I imagine that one day my life would be dedicated to jewelry design. The creation of my jewelry brand in 2014 bearing my name, initiated the presence of my creations in Mexico and France.

I love making simple, delicate and sophisticated jewelry, with a feminine touch. The shapes, refined and dainty, bring elegance to any outfit, from comfortable to everyday and city life. Even to the most daring or special occasions.

I use precious materials: the metals of predilection are gold, Sterling silver (925) and the vermeil (a 18k or 14k gold bath on Sterling silver by electrolysis).
The gems and precious stones that I work with are black diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, tourmalines and lapis lazuli; among others.

I work exclusively with natural stones. It´s simple: they feel different and look more interesting. Also, they are more « powerful » than synthetic stones. The color and specific size of the stone used allow for each piece to become one of a kind.

Every single piece is meticulously handmade, with wax casting and direct on metal work. And all are made by women and men from Mexico; where there is a long and ongoing goldsmithing tradition.